There’s lots of ways to wake up. Coffee. Energy drinks. A shot of adrenaline directly to the heart. But—real talk—none of them taste that great, amirite? Shouldn’t there be a way to get energy without making a stink face? Energy that tastes great, even? That’s why we hatched this idea.

get through a long commute

get through a long commute

groom your feathers

pull of the skateboard heist of the century


pull off the skateboard heist of the century

Our beloved bars and bites pack the same caffeinated goodness you’ll find in coffee or energy drinks, but in a delicious chocolate-y snack—just the thing when you need energy to do more of whatever you do.

AWAKE Chocolate combines delicious granola and chocolate with the same amount of caffeine you'd get in a cup o' Joe or a 250 ml Energy Drink—for an eye-popping, tasty treat that's sure to help you get more out of life. Try a whack, won't you?