There's lots of ways to wake up.

Coffee. Energy drinks. A bucket of ice on your tender parts. But let's be honest-none of them taste that great, amrite? Shouldn't there be a way to get energy without making a stink face? Energy that tastes great, even? That's why we hatched this idea.

Dark Chocolate Bites - AWAKE CHOCOLATE Dark Chocolate Bites - AWAKE CHOCOLATE
Dark Chocolate Bites

How To Stay Energized

Don't Take Sleep Lying Down.

You know the deal. There's stuff to do.
And it won't get done unless you're AWAKE.

1 Bar = A Cup of Joe

That's enough caffiene to boost your caboose when you're not done being awesome for the day.

Delivered to your Door

Deliveries right to your door in temperature-controlled snazzy boxes.

Feel The Delicious

Chocolate is nature's gift to your taste buds. Why not get your energy in the most delicious way possible?

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