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Milk Chocolate Bites

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Perfect for that 3pm slump, our delicious chocolate bites are under 90 calories and contain as much caffeine as half a cup of joe without any artificial flavors or colors.

Caffeine content is 1 bite equals 1/2 cup of coffee
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The Awake Effect

Consume one AWAKE bite and you'll be ready to send a fax, or possibly several emails. Two bites and you'll be ready to demand a raise, arm wrestle a swole bro, or bench press a small coworker. Three bites and it gets real—you could possibly create the greatest spreadsheet known to humankind. Eat four bites and you’re in hurricane territory. We pity the fool who gets in your way.* *Actual states of AWAKE may vary by height, diet, disposition and willingness to believe.


*Our chocolate is ethically sourced and has no artificial flavors or colors

Milk chocolate (Sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, whole milk powder, soy lecithin (added as an emulsifier), natural vanilla extract), caffeine, soybean oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Kennedy
Gives our crew the kick they need to get thru the afternoon slump!

We love the taste and for those that feel coffee'd out by mid-afternnon, Awake chocolate is a great alternative!!


Our whole family likes these--lots! I have to remind them that it isn't just a yummy bite and to not be snacking on them late at night! Easy and nice to have a bit of caffeine for the non-coffee drinkers.

Stay Awake with awake

Quality Chocolate, the best chocolate i ever had! Awesome is the word!

Jacquelyn Ikonomov
Quality Chocolate

Hands down this is the best chocolate I have had. I wasn't expecting such quality chocolate due to the fact that it also has so much caffeine added to it. These didn't last long, they were such a treat.

Christine Douglas

Don’t like coffee, so I eat the awake chocolates. Love them.

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