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Dark Chocolate Bar

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Caffeine content is 1 bar equals 1 cup of coffee
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The Awake Effect

Consume one piece of AWAKE and you'll be ready for operating a calculator or possibly slicing a small ham. Two pieces, and you're ready for giving your cat a pill or explaining Tinder to your mom. Three pieces and you're ¾ AWAKE—ready to win a tap dance battle, re-tile a spacious bathroom or fell a mighty oak. Eating four pieces of AWAKE will have you ready to swim the length of Lake Michigan, memorize the complete works of Shakespeare or vibrate at a frequency that allows you to pass through solid objects.* *Actual states of AWAKE may vary by height, diet, disposition and willingness to believe.


*Our chocolate is ethically sourced and has no artificial flavors or colors

Dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (added as an emulsifier), natural vanilla extract), caffeine, soybean oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Great product

These are my go-to bars when I have long meetings. They keep me awake and alert.

Absolutely Incredible!

We’ve had Awake bars before, but the local store recently stopped carrying them so we decided to place an online order instead. There was an issue with the shipping, but customer support was amazing and everyone we worked with was so kind! Thank you!!


I ate a bar at 8 pm and it’s 7 am and I’m still awake. Help

Delicious, great energy boost

I love stocking up on these. A single square is a nice afternoon pick-me-up to combat the slump after lunch. There's a pleasant edge of background bitterness (lovely if you like dark chocolate, a little intense if you don't) from the caffeine.

Great taste, very effective

I got these dark chocolate bars after going vegan, and I'm very happy that a company I've enjoyed before (in the milk chocolate & caramel flavors) also had a really amazing dark chocolate flavor. The caffeine content is definitely the perfect amount to be effective but not overwhelming.

My only concern is the sourcing; the Awake FAQ claims that it's "ethically sourced" but provides no more information on where/how the chocolate is sourced. If this chocolate were FEP certified it'd absolutely be my go-to sweet treat.

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