Stay awake with caffeinated chocolate.

Here’s the deal—We’ve packed these delicious AWAKE chocolate bars with as much caffeine goodness as a cup of coffee (or a 250ml energy drink). Perfect for when you gotta get stuff done, and just don’t have the energy to do it.


Who is Awake?

These owl suits are totally business casual.

By now, you’ve already met Nevil—but who’s behind the mega‑owl, the myth, the soon‑to‑be‑legend?

Now that we’ve officially landed on major retail chain shelves, here’s the short of it.

A few years ago, friends Matt Schnarr, Dan Tzotzis and Adam Deremo decided to start a company — selling caffeinated chocolate.

Using their collective knowledge about consumer packaged goods (there really is no other palatable way to say that), and fueled by a strong entrepreneurial spirit — they each worked their tail feathers off, perfecting the taste, the packaging, and the plan to launch the brand.

On August 15th, 2012 they officially launched AWAKE in Canada. And so far, the response has been just what they were expecting — overwhelming!

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