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Friends, we love keeping our healthcare heroes energized in the form of FREE AWAKE bites become one of our healthcare workers

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Make 2am 2pm

We get it, you’re working late, likely on the front lines. We created AWAKE Caffeinated chocolate to fuel healthcare workers with delicious, edible energy. Get through nightshift with chocolate that wakes you up!

Make 2am 2pm

We get it, you’re working late, likely on the front lines. We created AWAKE Caffeinated chocolate to fuel healthcare workers with delicious, edible energy. Get through nightshift with chocolate that wakes you up!

What my Nightshift Friends are saying

Nurse Uyen Reviewed Milk Chocolate Bites

I work the night shift, so these cute little chocolates are a big hit with the nurses! Taste great, easy to take it on the go if I don't have coffee ready. Wish there was a box of a variety of the chocolates combined together.

Melody Reavis Reviewed Milk Chocolate Bites
Night shift nurse

These chocolates taste amazing and definitely help me get through my over night shifts at the hospital!

Laura Reviewed Milk Chocolate Bar
Delicious Kick!

"I was on a college campus that was selling them and asked the workers what they thought. Two chimed in that they liked them and several PATRONS said they liked them too. So I tried them and found the reviews to be exactly right. I work third shift and these chocolate bars are a great zap of energy when I need it. The other great part is that they TASTE LIKE CHOCOLATE. No weird after taste. I've only tried the milk chocolate so far - and highly recommend. Actually, I'd give them an enthusiastic two-thumbs up!!"

Autumn Reviewed Milk Chocolate Bar

Very yummy, and works great for us on night shift

Kevin Hogan Reviewed Milk Chocolate Bar
Caffeine treat

Great for working different shifts in hospitals for a little pick me up

Meghan Reviewed Lorem Ipsum
Caramel Chocolate Bites

I found this product at a local gas station. I grabbed one bar for myself and tried it myself. The dark chocolate was very tasty and I felt like it helped with my usual afternoon lull. I decided to look the product up and was pleasantly surprised to find many options on your website. I decided to buy a box of the caramels and brought them into my work for NYE, I work the night shift in an ED, and they were a huge hit. My co-workers were very appreciative of the caffeine and chocolate! Will def order again.

Kwasia Jones Reviewed Dark Chocolate Bites

Just before my 12 hour shift I went into our pharmacy and I brought two of the mini awake bars, I knew I needed something because I had been up for 12 hours and had to stay up for 12 more! After eating two of these I went into the bathroom and my eyes were red as fire, I have not gotten sleepy yet( Currently 6 hours into my shift). I never expected these to work, definitely worth your money.

Sarah Moore Reviewed Dark Chocolate Bites
Powering through the work shift!

I am hooked!! I love an afternoon cup of coffee, but that usually isn’t an option during my 12 hr work shift. I ordered every flavor and am now getting my entire surgical team hooked on the goodness of AWAKE! Thank you for your products 🤙🏼

Grace Reviewed Dark Chocolate Mint Bites

I love anything mint-flavored! These are amazing and really does keep me awake on my 12-hour long night shifts. I think it would be great if there was a peppermint flavor *hint hint*.

Jessica Barkley Reviewed Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites
Such a perfect mid shift pick me up

So I originally bought the 4 pack sampler. I am in love with these. I then bought the big pack of both the peanut butter and the caramel. Hubby loves peanut butter and I love the caramel ones. We both work 3rd shift and are constantly not getting enough sleep. These are the PERFECT mid shift pick me up. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Dennise Reviewed Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites

I am currently a nurse at SMC during this challenging time. Awake chocolate sent myself and several other nurses free boxes of chocolate to help us get through these shifts. We appreciate this more than you will ever know!

Britz Reviewed Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites

Love these for night shift & for my migraines

Candice Fraser Reviewed Variety Mix Box Chocolate Bites
Life chocolate!!

I work night shift as an RN in Labor and Delivery and am a full time student getting my master’s in nurse practitioning. This chocolate has been the perfect treat to give me a boost of energy!! All my night shift girls loved it as well!! Amazing product!! ❤️❤️❤️

Paisley Spinks Reviewed Dark Chocolate Bar

These little chocolate get me through graveyard shifts at the hospital. So happy with them!

Lili Reviewed Caramel Chocolate Bar
A tasty pick-me-up

As a person who not only loves chocolate, but a person who just recently got off night shift, these are absolutely delicious for when I felt that after lunch crash in the middle of the night. I just ordered milk chocolate and the cookies and cream, but will return to these

Brittany Losavio Reviewed Dark Chocolate Bites

Tastes wonderful & truly gives me the energy to make it through my night shifts. Thank you :)