What makes AWAKE Chocolate so unique?

Getting your daily boost of energy has not always been enjoyable. Spills, burns, bitterness and weird ingredients (taurine anyone?) are not things that scream ‘Good Times’ to us! So one day my handlers took it upon themselves to change caffeine forever by making it super delicious and adding a healthy boost of FUN!  

You’ve had fun before and you’ve had energy, but have you had FUNERGY? Prepare yourself for AWAKE!

Does it really work?

Within moments of consuming our beloved bars, customers have reported the ability to move at speeds undetectable by the human eye, compete in all night Tetris grudge matches and solve the final number of Pi  (results depend on the individual and willingness to believe)!

What Is my discount code not working?

We're so sorry that you've encountered an issue with your discount code! Remember that our special offers and discounts cannot be combined with any other offers including limited time promotions and our subscribe and save offer. If you are still having trouble with your code, please visit the contact page or click the orange "Help" button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

How soon will my order be shipped?

AWAKE employees are not only the most industrious of creatures but are also fed a steady diet of our delicious bars as well. You can only imagine the ‘Hummm’ emanating from our Nestquarters. This constant state of motion helps insure that most orders are packed within a day that they are placed.

How long will it take to show up?

Following the packing of your order, we summon our trusted parcel carrier who has traded in his noble steed for brown van. Upon pickup he’ll expedite and guard your order with his life until it arrives safely in your hands within the week.

Can I track my order?

Want to keep your eyes on the prize eh? We get it! After placing your order you’ll receive a message from my handlers with your tracking information.  Watch your order make its fantastic journey from the nest right to your door. Oh, what a time of technological wonders we live in!!

Do you ship outside North America?

Unfortunately, we haven’t made the flight over the pond yet. Although, the good news is that my handlers have promised me that I will be able to spread my wings soon and bring my beloved bars to the rest of the world!

What Is Your Return Policy?

Our bars didn’t tickle your fancy? We want to make sure all our customers are satisfied. If chocolate/granola wasn’t up to your expectations send us an email to info@awakechocolate.com within 30 days of purchase. Please include: Your email, name, order number (if purchased through our site) and reason for refund.