So You Want to Work for Awake

How’d you like to join our squad of campus managers? Our official SpokesOwl Nevil needs your help!

We’re hiring a team of awesome, enthusiastic and dedicated peeps to be the face of AWAKE on your campus. Your mission: Spread the AWAKE gospel to as many fellow students as possible-without getting yourself arrested. If you’re fun, outgoing, confident, and an active participant in campus life, then this is the gig for you!

What Do Nevil's Friends Do?

  • Be the Face of AWAKE on Your Campus
  • Give out a S*%# load of samples!
  • Partner with AWAKE's on campus retailers
  • Secure sponsorships with campus organizations (greek life, campus activities, athletic orgs etc)

What's' In It For You?

  • Real money! Yes, we pay! Huzzah!
  • Tons of free AWAKE samples! You’ll be the most popular person on campus!
  • The opportunity to meet a ton of new people!
  • Awake swag! Hey sailor, how’d you get so stylish?
  • Oodles of marketing experience! Hello employer, have you seen my fat resume??


(Use the one you check most regularly)

Social Handles (Not mandatory, but highly recommended to include)

Social media promotion is a key feature of this program. Would you be willing to post on Twitter and Instagram using an AWAKE related hashtag?*