How To Survive Your Summer Internship

It was once said by a wise man, ‘ain’t no cure for the summertime blues’. Those who say university are the best years of your life are only half right. Sure, there are endless caffeine fuelled good times and parties to be enjoyed but what about the part where you work your butt off all school year then have to jump into an underpaying (if paying at all) job just to get some experience! Who thought up that raw deal?

The summer internship is a beast unto itself. It’s a dichotomous minefield of minutia and chaos that strikes fear into even the most eager of students. Luckily we have a few tips to help you sail through the storm of boredom and coffee order runs!

Please do not feed the intern

1. What’s in a name anyways?

It’s completely likely that no one in your new office will take time to remember your name. It may seem harsh but most of these zombified graduates have been grinded down by years worth of the harsh realities of office life. So, why not have a little fun at their expense? Ever wanted to change your name from Mike Smith to Eduardo Estefan the 3rd? No time like the present! Who knows, you may like it!

Lies told to interns

2. The old switcheroo?

Sometimes the repetitive nature of the workplace can get to you. Luckily, like an unpaid stapler-wielding ninja hopped up on caffeine, you can stealthily navigate the office with little to no attention drawn to yourself. Changing Meghan’s phone receiver for a markered-up banana may just be the start of your morning, with any luck, by noon Tom’s desk cactus have morphed into a plunger from the storage closet… and he is none the wiser!



With all the crap that we put up with for being ‘millennials’ one thing is certain, the most basic of technical glitches will blow our predecessors minds. Something as taping the sensor at on the bottom of the mouse will provide hours of entertainment as your coworkers shuffle their robotic rodent across various surfaces hoping for results.

If you’ve got some great summer intern entertainment ideas, share them with the rest of the class by adding them to the comments section below.