Halloween Costumes That Your Friends Will Be Jealous Of - By: Laura Quinting

Everyone needs ideas for their friend’s parties or having to take your little sibling trick or treating. I’ll be the first to admit I would do it for fun if I had someone to go with (free candy? Heck yes). But being a cat for 4 straight years in a row is boring (though comfy leggings say otherwise). Buying a costume that looks semi realistic costs upwards of $50! Here are 10 Halloween costume ideas that will elevate your costume game

1. Nevil

You don’t need to buy a fancy mascot costume to rock Nevil. Use felt to create Nevil designs on your t-shirt or create stunning makeup looks. Carry around Awake chocolate bites to keep you awake for all the trick or treating.

2. Fruit

Simple to make as well as cute, try this with any fruit of your choice to be the cutest duo in town. An oversize t-shirt and paper/felt stems make a fast idea a great one!

3. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

The great thing about this costume is that you have an excuse to recycle your gym shorts. Use dish gloves and slippers as well as felt cut outs to go the extra mile.

4. Clean out your closet

Wear your favorite spring clothes but in the cutest way. Use any green sweater, and white pipe cleaner for the base and finish with a plain headband and pink tissue paper to create the flowers.

awake chocolate halloween

5. Clueless

Feeling fancy? Cher does. Don’t reuse the same private school girl costume. Become Cher the widely popular and adorable high schooler who was just trying to learn how to drive a Jeep. This outfit might be tough to find the right plaid but I assure you the search is worth it. Tights and heals is a must, and her sassy attitude is a plus. Be the most stylish one in the room with this iconic 90’s outfit.

cher clueless awake chocolate halloween

6. Paint the town, or yourself!

Let the body paint speak for itself. A heavy hand for detail can let the room you’re in impressed at first glance. Snapchat filters are ever changing and have been all the rage, from the puppy filter to even tv character sponsored filters. The options are endless. Keep your clothing minimal, you don’t want anything to distract from your killer makeup.

snapchat filter halloween costume awake chocolate

7. Squad Up

Elevate your squad goals with the help of the 7 dwarves you don’t need to look like them but it makes for a quick group outfit that is cute and totally Instagram worthy.

squad goals, halloween, awake chocolate, halloween costumes

8. Embrace your 'sweet' side

Reuse old candy wrappers to create a costume that no one else will have. You can keep it themed to one candy or play around with a variety.

halloween costume, awake chocolate, sweet tooth

9. As rare as a unicorn, or two

Unicorns are in don’t let the cats tell you otherwise. Find a cute white dress and a head band or glitter and you are all set.

unicorn, halloween costume, awake chocolate

10. Show'em Your Cards

Perfect for the college parties to use as an icebreaker, dress up as Cards Against Humanity, or for a cleaner version (Apples to Apples).

cards, halloween costume, awake chocolate

Now that you know 10 different costume ideas it’s time to get the ball rolling. Remember to stay awake while your assembling.