Camping Recipes With AWAKE Chocolate

Summer is here young champions and there is no better time to get back to nature. Now we know what you are thinking and no, streaking through the Quad in your birthday suit does not count as getting back to nature. We are talking about experiencing the great outdoors, that’s right, camping!

Now many in our cohort only take out the tent to be used as a crash pad at Coachella (Shameless plug: check us out LA Times as a Coachella pick me up), but there are also many beautiful spots just waiting to be discovered in North America and we want to help you get there. So check out our list of delicious AWAKE camping recipes that will give you the energy to stay up and enjoy the stars… or outrun a perturbed beaver.

1. S’Mores!!!

Nothing screams camping like graham crackers, chocolate and gooey melted marshmallow (most of which will coat your fingers causing pine needles stick to them like Edward Scissorhands). 

This recipe is so straightforward that it could be done blindfolded while hopping on pogo stick (don’t actually try this next to a campfire). So lets get started! Grab your marshmallow and add it to a stick. Put that puppy right in the middle of your campfire like it owed you a semester’s worth of coffees bought on your meal card. Once it’s nicely toasted, remove it from the fire and place it in between two graham crackers and your favourite AWAKE bite (Dark, Milk or Caramel). Voila, you have taken the time old tradition of the campfire S’More to the next level, now who brought the guitar and knows the words to Freebird?

2. AWAKE Hot Chocolate

Sitting next to the campfire can be cozy but why not treat yourself to a pepped up hug-in-a-mug while gazing off into the embers! We guarantee that while everyone is nodding off following a long day of baking like lobsters at the lake, this recipe will be sure to have you putting out the fire at the end of the night. Here’s the lowdown; in a pot on low to med heat mix two cups of milk with two cups of half & half followed by a cup of AWAKE Chocolate and…..WHAMO! That’s it! So leave the coffee and beer to the flannel-wearing lumberjacks; you’ve brought in some sophistication to the night.

3. Straight Granola Energy Injection!

You’ve spent all night huddled around a fire for warmth like you’re a pilgrim and its 1630, why go through all the hassle of building a fire over again just so you can make breakfast for everyone that’s still sleeping? Seize the day my friends! Grab an AWAKE Granola Bar and discover what Mother Nature has to offer. You’re friends will be jealous when they are stuck with pool noodles at the lake because they slept in and you’ve secured the last floating mat.

That's it my featherless friends! If you have got some AWAKE camping recipes of your own, share them by using the hashtag #bakewithAWAKE.