What does AWAKE give you the energy to do more of?

Awake gives me energy to go to school and work, study, go hiking or climbing, keep up with my crazy friends, get through multiple Netflix seasons, be friendly while I’m still tired, cook tasty food, dance around, annoy people, the possibilities are endless.

Favorite thing about your college or university?

I love that my university is fun-loving, energetic, diverse, and welcoming.

What’s the most interesting facts about you?

Hmm? Well I love anything Halloween or horror related, and I can recite all the Pirates of the Caribbean or Austin Powers movies word for word.

Favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby would have to be rock climbing. It’s an exciting sport with a great community of people. It’s a great work out for your mind and body, and even teaches you practical life skills like trust, patience, dedication, and good communication. On top of all that, you get to see beautiful locations when you climb outside.

What’s the most unique talent you have?

I can do very basic fire breathing and eating. I didn’t pursue it enough to be great at it, but it is still a fun party trick.